While the Government has made procedural changes to federal bankruptcy laws, many Americans may still find protection from creditors by filing for bankruptcy. Following initiation of a bankruptcy proceeding, an automatic stay goes into effect to stop creditor collection activity. This “stay” is designed to prevent creditors from any communication or harassment, effectively stopping all collection action.

For nearly 30 years, the Manasquan County law firm of Broege, Neumann, Fischer & Shaver, LLP has been helping New Jersey clients address their bankruptcy needs, including how to effectively stop creditor harassment. Contact a bankruptcy attorney committed to making your bankruptcy process as stress-free as possible.

Understanding the Automatic Stay

Many of our clients believe that stopping creditor harassment does not take place until after their debt has been fully discharged. In bankruptcy, a stay means that protection from debt collection by creditors is automatic and immediate once your bankruptcy case is filed. A stay also provides protection from other legal actions such as:

  • Pending litigation or lawsuits
  • Sheriff’s sales
  • Levies
  • Wage garnishments
  • Tax collection by the IRS or State of New Jersey – Division of Taxation

Although the automatic stay entitles you to immediate protection from most creditor actions when filing for bankruptcy, some protections do not exist or have been eliminated under changes in bankruptcy law, including:

  • Existing tenant-eviction actions by a landlord
  • Current criminal proceedings
  • Pending marriage or divorce actions

Our Manasquan County bankruptcy lawyers can help you fully understand how to find relief from creditor harassment until you can successfully regain your financial footing. Contact Broege, Neumann, Fischer & Shaver to discuss your bankruptcy and creditor protection needs.

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